Daltex® Power is a next generation, high tensile polypropylene spunbond nonwoven. The high tensile properties enable weight reduction without sacrificing strength.

The isotropic properties, for weights over 50g/m², reduce the differential strength between machine direction (MD) and cross direction (CD). In addition, melt additives can be incorporated to impart additional functionality including; hydrophilic, hydrophobic, flame retardant and UV stabilisers.

Weight Range: 20 – 110g/m2

Key Features:

  • Increased strength to weight ratio
  • Strength is broadly equivalent to a standard spunbond that is 50% heavier
  • Isotropic properties over 50g/m2 is achieved without sacrificing MD strength
Reduce weight without sacrificing strength performance
High tensile combined with isotropic capability reduces the differential between MD and CD strength
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