Daltex® Soft, is a single web polyethylene nonwoven ideally suited for use in ostomy pouches. With enhanced softness and drape, the fibrous structure offers the wearer greater comfort and protects the skin from moisture build up.

When compared to polypropylene spunbond, polyethylene spunbond is considerably softer making it ideal for use in wound dressings, gowns or other garments and covers which come into contact with skin.

Polyethylene spunbond can be gamma sterilised offering opportunity for use in a variety of medical applications including components in ostomy bags and wound dressings.

Colour matched to skin tone, our nonwoven is designed to improve the visual appearance of the pouch, resulting in a comfortable yet discreet solution.

Sterilisation Method





Exceptional softness
Superior drape
oven-icons-liny-export Suitable for gamma sterilisation